Installation of Rail Fences

Tools Required:
Post Hole Auger 8? ? 12? (optional)
Steel Tamping Rod (optional)
Spade type Shovel
String Line (optional)
Tape Measure
Cordless Screw Driver (optional)
Screw Driver
3? Deck Screws
Installation Tips:
1.Starting at a fixed point, dig holes 10? on center and 27? deep with an auger or a spade type shovel.Use a string line if you require a straight fence.Burying the post 27? deep will ensure bottom rail is approximately 13? above ground.
2.Place first post into the hole at the fixed point and begin burying using gravel or dirt from the hole.Ensure post is plumb and straight by using a level.Tamp dirt around post while burying by using a steel tamping rod or the handle end of the spade.It is recommended that gravel be used for tamping around post as proper draining will prolong the life of the post.
3.After first post is securely set, slide some rails into the pre-drilled holes of the first post.Then do the same for the second post(Tip:It is best to angle the second post a little away from the first post and start installing the bottom rails first; then work your way up the post installing rail tongues).Ensure that the widest side of the rail is up and the largest rail is on top.
4.Ensure rails are fully inserted into both posts and second post is straight-up-and-down.You can then proceed with burying second post.
5.Repeat procedures 3 and 4 until fence is complete.
6.We recommend using 3? deck screws to secure rail tongues into posts after fence is installed.